What are the women's spring-summer 2020 trendy shoes?

What are the women's spring-summer 2020 trendy shoes?

Spending boots with pretty sandals, we've been dreaming for months! While the days lie down and the legs are revealed, a question haunts the spirits of all fashionistas: what to wear at our feet this summer 2020? So discover without further delay Spring-summer 2020 trendy shoes, : sandals, pumps, sneakers and many others fashionable shoes !

Spring-summer 2020 shoes: for what color to opt?

If we already know that for our dresses, we will opt for Pretty flowery prints Upon arrival of sunny days, we are wondering what colors will be our favorite shoes this summer. The trend being natural tones, why not turn to pretty Camel leather sandals Like the "Zagara" model with soft biodegradable leather? Still in this movement, the animal print in the wind in its sails! Thus, our "Elia" sandals are adorned with a subtle leopard motif which will certainly awaken the Basic T-shirt White / John of John which accompanies us after summer. Guepard Elia Trendy sandals For those who swear by color, this season will give pride of place to pastel shades: Lila, Powdered Rose and Layette Blue, the options will be numerous to mislead your summer outfits. Thereby, Our “Lilia” sandals in handcrafted leather, are declined in a very soft parmea which will agree wonderfully with an equally tender pedicure. But The real star of summer 2020 will be pink, whatever the nuance. Whether he is candy on the pair of deliciously vintage "Valentine" pumps, iridescent on the heels with heels "Felicia" (perfect for the wedding season!), Or even downright fucha on our pair "Naurine", no doubt, Our feet will see life in pink! Valentine women's pumps

Pénélope Sandals Pénélope: the star shoe of summer 2020

If all eccentricities will be allowed this summer, Camel leather sandal will be the safe bet of our wardrobe. At Balzac Paris, one of our favorites of the season is the "Pénélope" sandal which fits perfectly into the trend of natural colors and textures. 100 % leather, these classic appearance must-have are twisted by a braided bridle on the front, and two golden loops closing the side flanges. Perched on Two small 2.5 centimeters, they will assure you style and comfort, follow you faithfully during all the holidays ... and more if affinities! Small Sandals Penelope Trendy

Colin summer sneakers: a must-have for this summer 2020

Another essential of the season: basketball of course! We choose it white for its timeless character and its summer and low side to enhance our tanned legs by the sun. With the return of the 90s in our dressings, Balzac Paris offers you to accessorize your outfits with a model a bit retro: "Colin" scratch basketball. These immaculate leather sneakers and recycled polyester mesh are the perfect alloy of the elegance of round -end basketball and sports shoes, thanks in particular to lateral perforations. And for colored lovers, "Colin" is also available in a model punctuated by polychrome details - green tabs, yellow heels and Cremes Empiates - which will delight the most trendy among us. Colin Trend scratch sneakers

Felicia heel sandals: timeless and comfortable

Who says summer, says summer evenings and dress floating in the wind. If in winter, our big comfortable sweaters are not always the most flattering, the beautiful days are always an opportunity to express our femininity in style. And what could be more feminine than a Pair of heeled sandal ? The “Félicia” sandals will be the perfect allies to run the aperitifs with friends and restaurants by the sea. Available in striped fabric for a perfect sea look, in yellow and white gingham for country pikes, in vegetable camel leather and Biodegradable, ideal for running the shops, or in embossed black, to wear during wild evenings, the "Félicia" model is the perfect marriage between timeless pair and original accessory. In short, sandals that we will not be able to do without, even once the sunny days are over. Felicia metallic pink sandals

ISALINA flat clouds: for vitamin summer outfits

Let it be said, the motto of summer will be "Less is more". So we will opt for models with a simple, but refined design, revealing our feet with elegance. An adage that we have integrated at Balzac Paris, for many models. The clouds Isalina is no exception and her two sober and elegant flanges do not need more artifices to become an essential piece. That we choose them in Smooth leather camel braided by hand for a timeless look or in Fuchsia pink velvet goat For a pop outfit, they will be the essential partners in fine weather. FUCHSIA ISALINA PLATE NUTTE

Hajar sandals: 100% vegan summer shoe

At Balzac Paris, we sincerely think that it is possible to be trendy and responsible and our summer models are no exception. Must of the season, the "hajar" flat mule is made from responsible falls, limiting the mess and allowing our fabric and leather falls benefit from a second life. Designed in yellow velvet cowhide leather, LA pair of nakeds is as comfortable and simple to put on as ethics. The right choice for this summer! Sandals Summer Hajar

Babies Vivienne: sandals inspired by the glorious 70s

It seems that fashion is an eternal beginning. In any case, this is what we think about Balzac Paris and it is for this reason that, all the seasons, we do not hesitate to inspire ourselves with retro iconic models to bring them up to date. This summer, direction the seventies with "Vivienne" babies. Round end and flange with ankle buckle, they are the quintessence of femininity and will bring to any summer outfit, an original vintage touch. Whether you choose them red for the day or golden for the night, "Vivienne" heeled shoes We will travel back in time until the 1970s! Red Babies Vivienne Trend

Golden pumps: a princess model for this summer 2020

Who says beautiful days also says wedding season ! And what better opportunity to play the princesses for a day, without even being the guest of honor? For a retro side, each style its time! Fan of the 80s? Why not turn to "Valentine" braided pumps Small heels, ultra trendy? If you are rather 1940s, Metallic pumps "Odette" will bring the sophistication touch to your favorite outfits thanks to its shimmering color and its node at the back. Finally, for real vintage lovers, the Salome is the model to have in its wardrobe! The "Francès" model, always golden, will fill the most chic among us and will agree with an evening dress as well as a dayy -day jeans. You will understand, this summer, we love gold! French pumps frances trend summer