Large occasion: Discover all our tips!

Large occasion: Discover all our tips!

The special occasions are numerous and Balzac Paris advises you in the choice of your outfit!

While the sun timidly begins to point the tip of its nose, we quietly store our coats and boots in favor of light jackets and silky tops. Like nature, our wardrobe takes up colors and flowers to the rhythm of the delicate prints that populate our dressings. And if spring is synonymous with renewal, it also announces the season Sunny events that our bodies lacking in vitamin D will be delighted to rediscover. Brunches, picnics, terraces and even weddings, everything becomes a pretext to show our pretty legs and above all, our pretty outfits! Small guide to find the combination In order to be the prettiest on each occasion.

A small glass on the terrace?

The sun shines and yet your only relationship with it is done through the window of your office. It's Friday and you're just waiting for one thing: to go out, and be able to enjoy the last rays of the day. A pretty vegetable terrace and a glass Fresh are not waiting for you, so there is no question of disappointing them. Your asset? A pretty long sleeve wallet dress that will reveal your tanned legs while protecting you from the summer freshness of the evenings that are dragged. Only a few small fine necklaces will be enough to complete this set halfway between elegance and relaxation. In a word: timeless.

Weekend in the countryside and improvised party

If we like to hate Paris, we especially sometimes need to escape. Some couples of friends, a house in the countryside and the good weather takes on a completely different dimension. DSay in the garden, good products, Music with Latin accents and you enjoy an atmosphere that is in full swing, between laughing and tasty anecdotes. The opportunity for you to to go out The little retro dress, a bit country, pleasant to wear. We choose it dark but embellished with a small light pattern. Mid-length, she does not bother when we sit, nor When we invite us to dance. And just to illuminate this exceptional evening, we will associate it with pretty female golden sandals. We bet you will be the most beautiful on all the souvenir photos!

Picnic in front of the fireworks of July 14

The atmosphere is patriotism! Three colors are imposed on you: blue, white and red. We can already eliminate the white that does not go very well with grass stains - and possibly wine - which often accompany a picnic. If red is one of the flagship colors of the season, we will prefer to bring it to a less relaxed event. Here, the two watchwords are: trend and comfort! Our choice is made on a little baby-doll denim dress, Adorable (feminine?), assembled at a pair of sneakers, to shift the juvenile character of the cup. A trendy way to wear denim and toast to France under a sky lit with a thousand lights.

His birthday

“Tonight you will be the most beautiful to go dancing”, we guarantee it! If your partner is depressed at the idea of ​​winning one more year, you are delighted to be able to wear your best dress for the occasion. Tonight, you take out the big game: short dress, golden complexion and imposing jewelry. In order to be rolled up Without doing too much, we put on a relaxed jersey dress with the cut near the body and the crossing game under the chest, highlighting your curves and highlighting your figure. And as the best is the enemy of good, we associate the whole of a pair of Creoles with a motif for the touch of originality, but we stop there, letting your natural charm do the rest. A simple beauty and a little colorful bag - favorite for the red, the flagship color of the season.

Les feet in the water festival

A green setting and all your favorite artists? We declare the open festival season! Short shortss de Coachella and the rubber boots, very little for the woman of taste that you are. HASRme a fluid dress with a bright yellow with an irresistible vintage mind. A set timeless Made trendy by thick bright color sandals, threaded over a pair of glitter socks. An outfit At the tip of the fashion that will accompany you on the dance floor until the end of the night.

My best friend's wedding

The most important event of the year, the highlight of the season: your best friend and his companion Finally say “yes”! You have attended all the stages of their couple, all the stages of the development of this big day and you are impatient to see the bride's outfit. Yes, but yours in all of this? If during the two days of preparation, you have proudly sported your “the witness” t-shirt it is today time to put the small dishes in the big ones. Always in the retro spirit, at the forefront of fashion for several seasons already, your witness/bridesmaid dress is adorned with pastel pink, very gently. Its cut ? Borrowed from the 1950s, near the body, mid-mollet and above all: elegant. To boost this vintage look, we accessorize! Golden heel sandals, bars (And just as bright jewelry will distract other guests from your tears of joy. After all, we celebrate love, so let's go! In summary, in the closet the velour pants and shoes Suede ! We prefer to say hello to the fluid dresses, between retro and trendy spirit, which we choose in a wide palette of colors and textiles: black, pattern, in denim, yellow or pink, nothing stops the fashionist you. And to be at the forefront of the trend and ethics, you do not hesitate to choose your summer outfits with an ecological conscience and to find out about our T.P.R approach (always more responsible).