Tenue d'invitée femme : que porter à un mariage bohème ?

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Tenue d'invitée femme : que porter à un mariage bohème ?

Il vous attend dans votre boîte aux lettres, au milieu des factures : le faire-part du mariage de votre meilleure amie ! Ornée de fleurs, l’invitation le précise bien : il s’agira d’un mariage « bohème » et c’est à vous de respecter cette thématique dans le choix de votre tenue d’invitée

Il vous faut désormais choisir une tenue adaptée au dress code de votre amie, mais dans laquelle vous vous sentirez belle et bien. Balzac Paris vous accompagne dans le choix de votre tenue d’invitée à un mariage bohème.

Bohemian wedding codes

The "bohemian" theme has a little side hippie chic where the outfits are fluid and light and where the accessories constitute real ornaments and complete the outfit. Soak this universe that is both rural and rock to find the perfect look that will be summer, a bit vintage, while remaining chic. On the material side, opt for Light fabrics. Do not hesitate to bet on lace and embroidery, two perfect textiles to adopt a boho style. For colors, the best will be to turn to natural shades, very trendy at the moment. Finally, the most suitable patterns will be flowers, embroidery and all prints referring to the 1970s, while being trendy.

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Wedding guest: for what outfit to opt?

You are neither family nor bridesmaid, but you still want to respect the theme imposed by the brides and be comfortable in the dress code? Do not hesitate to use the codes of the bohemian look while granting them with your personality, and your style. Again, the watchword of a bohemian wedding is the fluidity ! If you don't dare the total look, Long dresses And other empires dresses, bet on a midday skirt, a light top or a simple accessorized dress. A blouse associated with a long and fluid skirt with a natural color and pretty golden accessories will for example constitute an outfit that is both bohemian and modern, chic and relaxed, when a fluid dress accompanied by a pair of golden heels will make you an elegant, discreet guest in the theme.

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Demoiselle of honor and witness: how to stand out?

Being a bridesmaid or witness, these are very specific roles to hold! We have to be well dressed to honor the bride and gone without stealing the show from them, and this can sometimes be the headache. Bohemian marriage is inspired by nature And made in subtlety, notions that you will have to keep in mind when choosing your outfit and accessories. So bet on a soft color in the soft color that you can then accompany with Golden jewelryor a pair of shiny shoes. Do not hesitate to enhance your hairstyle with a beautiful head jewel like a Crown of flowers or a delicate bar. Small details that will make the difference and delight the bride and groom!

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