Mama d'Exception - Alice Tourbier

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Mama d'Exception - Alice Tourbier

Alice Tourbier est propriétaire des hôtels les Sources de Caudalie et depuis la rentrée 2020, les Sources de Cheverny. Mais elle est aussi, et surtout, la Mama d’Exception d’Emile et Adrienne !

Pour elle, être Mama, c’est : « La plénitude : j’ai adoré être enceinte et aujourd’hui j’adore leur transmettre de belles valeurs.»

Découvrez son portrait et sa sélection de pièces favorites.

 1 - What is your best memory of Mama?

I will not forget this emotion when I first accompanied my son in a little kindergarten section. By crossing this tarmac courtyard with a few trees, my own schoolgirl memories of schools came out at once. I was moved to pass the relay, proud to entrust my best success and happy to let our boy flourish with friends.

2 - Being Mama is ...

Fullness: I loved being pregnant and today I love to transmit beautiful values ​​to them.

3 - Who are you mama?

I am the mama of Emile and Adrienne, these are the first names of our families, respectively the grandfather of Jérome and my great-grandmother that I had the chance to know, a wonderful woman, one of the very first women to have managed a primary school in France

4 - What is your Mama motto?

Make your homework quickly and well so that we move on to something else!

5 - What is your best surprise from Mama?

The best surprises is of course my children themselves. Every day I am marveling to see them grow, make their own choice and assume their decisions.

Discover the selection of Alice's favorite pieces:

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