Mama d'Exception - Alysson Paradis

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Mama d'Exception - Alysson Paradis

Alysson Paradis est actrice, mais aussi et surtout la Mama d’Exception d’un petit Marcus de 5 ans et demi !

Pour elle, être Mama, c’est : « Inattendu ! On a beau se préparer comme on peut, impossible d’imaginer la dose d’amour, de joie et d’émerveillement que cela procure. »

Découvrez son portrait et sa sélection de pièces favorites.

1 - What is your best memory of Mama?

My best memory ... complicated as a question! There are so many ... I would say that my best memory is when I met Marcus for the first time. When we put it on my stomach and finally see his face, I think there is nothing more overwhelming.

2 - Being Mama is ...

Unexpected ! We may prepare as we can, impossible to imagine the dose of love, joy and wonder that it provides. It’s crazy, moreover, we prepare for fatigue, stress, doubts, but I was not prepared for the surge of love that I was going to feel! It impressed me.

3 - Who are you mama?

I am the mama of Marcus.

4 - What is your Mama motto?

I don't really have a motto but rather a state of mind, which would be to do as we can, with love and together. Do not seek perfection is impossible! Often tell yourself that you are a team, and everyone helps each other.

5 - What was your best surprise from Mama?

The joy that it gives me when he finally succeeds in doing something he tries to do, even tiny things of everyday life. It makes me so happy to see him happy!

Discover the selection of Alysson's favorite pieces:

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