Mama d'Exception - Élodie Jelena

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Mama d'Exception - Élodie Jelena

Élodie Jelena est créatrice de contenu, et vous pouvez suivre ses aventures sur son compte Instagram @ElodieJelena. L’occasion de suivre aussi son quotidien de Mama d’Exception aux côtés de Chiara et Maïa !


Sa plus belle surprise de Mama ? « Au-delà de la famille que nous avons construite ensemble, mon compagnon et moi, c'est l'Homme que j'ai redécouvert et dont je suis tombée de nouveau amoureuse. »


Découvrez son portrait et sa sélection de pièces favorites.

 1 - What is your best memory of Mama?

Undeniably, the meeting between my two daughters. The wonder in the eyes of my elder Chiara, pride in ours. It was a moment suspended in time, unnashing due to its intensity. It was short, rare or even unique and that is what makes it unique. I remember this feeling of euphoria which took over me for a few seconds as if I had left this planet ... This feeling of having succeeded in a way all my life.

2 - Being Mama is ...


Delicate, she rocks me and always wears me further when she gives me moments of lull, tenderness and visceral love.

Sweet, when in the arms of my daughters, I plunge myself into those of my mother who was (almost) reason on everything. When, I have the impression that I am a sun for them and that they are for me, the center of the world around which everything gravitates.

Violent when she makes me doubt, immerses me in her deepest difficulties or when she exhausts my body already abused by the daily life of an active mother who has forgotten a little on the way.

3 - Who are you mama?

Chiara, Mila, 5, and Maïa, Ava, 1 year.

4 - What is your Mama motto?

« It takes a whole village to raise a child. » African proverb.

Generally, guilt, the shame of not knowing or the fear of disturbing the other or of doing wrong, pushes us to keep our doubts, our fears, our apprehensions for us. Over time and thanks to my writing work on Instagram, I learned to free myself already, but also to listen and hear the fights, the experiences, the stories of women who shared the same fears, the same galleys as me whether in their maternity or elsewhere. Speech is released more and more, especially on the parental burnout that I have experienced, and the exchange between women is a precious and free help. Every woman with whom I was able to exchange brought me something that I will never forget.

5 - What is your best surprise from Mama?

Beyond the family we built together, my companion and I, it is the man I rediscovered and which I fell in love again. I discovered a man who expressed his feelings more, less modest and less on the reserve. For my part, I discovered qualities that I did not suspect a single second like resilience, patience and the desire to realize my childhood dream .... for myself but also for my daughters.

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