Mama d'Exception - Marie Faure Ambroise / My Travel Dreams

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Mama d'Exception - Marie Faure Ambroise / My Travel Dreams

Marie Faure Ambroise est la créatrice du blog My Travel Dreams, mais aussi conseillère en stratégie digitale et consultante pour des jeunes marques pépites ! Ce n’est pas tout : c’est aussi, et surtout, la Mama d’Exception de César, Balthazar et Suzanne.

Pour elle, être Mama c’est « les montagnes russes » !

Découvrez son portrait et sa sélection de pièces favorites.

1 - What is your best memory of Mama?

It’s impossible to choose, to know. But I love the very first days, when the child is still a little animal that we tame. When you are alone at maternity, in this magic bubble, out of time and the world. Yes, the bed is not cozy and the meals are ignoble, but these moments suspended are precious and so important before diving back into real life and its madness ...

2 - Being Mama is ...

Roller coasters !

3 - Who are you mama?

César, Balthazar and Suzanne.

4 - What is your Mama motto?

We can only give two things to his children: roots and wings ...

5 - What was your best surprise from Mama?

Succeed in doing everything (even if I don't do everything well). When I was single, I was wondering how to wedge a child between work, outings, my lover, friends, trips…. Then, we wedged one, we continued to see the friends, party and travel. Then two. Then three. And, finally, we are still there! We are always partying (even if we have a sore head the next day), we always travel (with just a few more suitcases) and we always have fun. So, even if I can't make them homemade cookies to taste it or if I can't find time to make them recite their homework every night, I tell myself that I am not so bad ... and it is already a lot.

*Inspiration Glasses: Simone.

Discover the selection of Marie's favorites:

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