Happy New Year 2022!

CAP on 2022! No, the Balzac Paris team is not late ... She is ahead ! Since 2014, we have been running at the marathon of eco -responsibility. The fashion of tomorrow is today! CAP on 2022 to continue running Always more responsible And always further.

And goodbye 2021!

The day of reckoning has come ! In 2021, Balzac Paris was always more responsible, always more local, always more united, always closer to you, always more authentic ... And that's not all! Let's go back together on the road Always more exciting Travel this year by Balzac Paris.

Always more responsible

99% of eco -responsible materials On our ready-to-wear collections

• our New generation jeans 100% recyclable

Lust, The new T.P.R basketball

• A jersey collection in recycled materials

• A wedding collection 100% eco -eco

• More than 1,800 pieces sold on our site Second hand

Always more local

• 94% De our parts Made in Europe

• A collection 100% made in France

Always more united

• More than 100 000€ were donated to Surfrider Foundation thanks to ocean sweatshirt

• A day of waste collection alongside Surfrider Foundation

• More than 10 000€ were donated to the Women's Foundation thanks to Women's sweatshirt

Always closer to you

• More than 2000 photos of You in Balzac Paris 

• Pop-up Second life 

• The pop-up Christmas

• The Balzac Paris store In project for 2022!




Always more big first

Free souls, our child collection

Honorine, our perfume

• Two collections Homewear

Always more in Caesar

Always more authentic

And ready to go Always further in 2022!

News - Happy New Year 2022 with Balzac Paris


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